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This is the craziest thing you'll ever read, and unless you are Sar or Beck, you will NOT understand - Amanda [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This is the craziest thing you'll ever read, and unless you are Sar or Beck, you will NOT understand [Jan. 29th, 2006|04:53 pm]
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So all afternoon I've been reading my old LJ entries, and this is what I've concluded. I miss my girls SO MUCH, and I miss TJ's like you wouldn't believe.


You have to check that shit out. It's amazing. I miss TJ's like whoa. I just read Becky's comment to that entry, and I can't believe I forgot about HOPE AND JOEY!!! Wow, that's amazing. How in hell did I forget them?

I wish I had to work at TJ's today. It's Sunday, so chances are I would have worked with Karen and Sara, or Karen and Ash. Karen and I would work 1-9, and Sar would have worked 2-7. Beck would have worked 9-2, or 5-1 with Berta. I can't believe I remember all this, and most of all I can't believe I miss it! Anyways, I would go in at 1 and it would be fairly busy. We would get lots of take out orders, being in the witner, we would get lots of pizza orders. I would come in and help the girls catch up from the breakfast dishes, and I would do cash, while Berta went to smoke and bitch to herself outside. Beck and I would catch everything up, and then sit down and chill and do nothing until she had to leave at 2. Sara would come, late, and Beck would bitch her out for being so late. (I can picture all of this in my head). Karen would come in, acting all Boss Like, and ask Roberta what needed to be done, but she wouldn't really care, because she'd be a TJ's Nazi and make me and Sar tear down the store and clean everything.

One time, I was cleaning the windows around the beer sign next to the ATM, and I got electrocuted. It was like a tiny little shock but it scared the F outta me, and Karen was all worried and thought she killed me, and I was pissed because she made me clean the nasty shit while she sat and talked on the phone long distance to her sister. Who she called from the store. Yes, that's right.

Okay, back to a normal Sunday. Sar and I would haul out the booths and clean them all out with GREASE LIGHTENING. The best cleaning shit ever invented. Then I would fill napkins, jelly, and salt and pepper shakers, and Sar would get all excited and start taking apart the ceiling tiles to clean them. (From about 2:30 - 6:30, NO ONE would enter the store on a Sunday. Except of course, Evret and Louise to get coffee and tickets, and HOPE AND JOEY to eat beans and hot dogs and Joey would make a huge mess and Hope wouldn't even leave a tip. That's exactly how it went down.)

Around 6, it would start to get a little busy. Clarence and his WIFE OR MOTHER (I never figured out who she was...) would come in for dinner, and Evret and Louise with their daughter, and a few other regulars. It would get a little busy, and Karen would be FORCED to do work. We would take care of all of that, and then at 7 pm, THE FRYOLATORS!!!!!!! Yes, I would have to clean the nasty Fryolators, and they were such a BITCH. I would have to turn them off when I got to work around 1, and then people would bitch because they weren't on, and they couldn't get fries or chicken fingers. I would have to make a sign on the menu telling them they were turned off so I wouldn't get yelled at. Anyways, back to 7. I would have to drain out the nasty grease into huge buckets with my huge yellow rubber gloves. I would have to go out to the side of the store and dump it in the grease pit. EFFING NASTY. Then I would have to continue this until it was entirely drained. I would have to get my little wire coat hanger down in there to get all of the shit down the shoot, and it would smell SO NASTY. I would be covered - in my apron, mind you - from head to toe with grease! Ugh, so gross. and I would have to wash them all out with grease lightening, and then fill them with grease and turn them on to catch people who wanted fryolator stuff on Sunday nights.

At some point Kim would come in with Wyatt to get milk or something, and if it was the summer time, to pick up Heather from the dairy bar! But, back to the winter. Sar would start the floors, and then at 7 she would leave, so I would have to finish the floors, and do the grill, because Karen didn't do anything. Sometimes she would do the grill, but that was very very VERY seldom. So I would have to do all of that, and then do stuff to close up. Finish all the dishes, get the donuts ready for the next morning, make sure the coolers were stocked, do everything for Karen, etc.

Wow. I effing miss that place so much. I miss my friends stealing from there every second of our lives. I miss getting so excited that you would have a visitor (!!) that you told to come visit you, but never thought they would and then - wow - there they were. I miss Sar chasing me around screaming she's going to kill me. I miss everything. I miss TJ's. I miss my family there. They were amazing - Donald and Glo were our grandparents, Karen, Kim, Lisa, Berta were our psycho aunts, Crystal, Sheyanne (remember her!?!) were our cousins. Dave was our crazy drunk/cheating uncle. Man, that place was my life. EIJtoIEjt ;OIEJt:OIEj;IO E. I miss it...

[User Picture]From: patriotsrage311
2006-01-29 10:09 pm (UTC)

And then there was that time that Karen got so mad at Bertha that you and Sar had to hold her back, because she was swearing in some unknown language and kept looking for sharp objects! And then you accidentally got stabbed in the hand! LOLOLOL Oh man, it wasn't funny then but now that the hepatitis is gone it's such a great memory!
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[User Picture]From: chica1
2006-02-01 03:53 pm (UTC)
okay it took me a while but here it goes.

i really do miss it. but not hope and joey, GROSS. I dont miss the grill cleaner eating the skin off my arms, or having to mop the floors with the 20lb mop after i had an emergancy surgery for appendicitis, nor the threat on becky and my life from roberta.

on the flip side, i miss the free shit. i never knew how expensive dryer sheets where until i had to stop taking them from the store. those bitches are expensive. and all the free food and icecream, back when gas was $1.35 and we were complaining because now it took $15 to fill the tank instead of $10. crazy.

so i guess i'll open another TJs and offer jobs to everyone so i can relive my fondest memories. like cleaning the floor and noticing that the bottoms of my jeans were bleached, or all the shoes and shirts that had questionable substances on them.. ewwwww...

i love you amanda
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[User Picture]From: chica1
2008-05-03 07:21 am (UTC)
I miss it too. so much
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